5 Mistakes to Avoid after a Truck Accident

  • September 01, 2022

Tractor-trailers and large commercial vehicle accidents almost invariably result in serious injuries. However, no matter how serious the accident, it is important to try to avoid these major mistakes. Keep reading to learn 5 things you should avoid doing after a truck accident as well as how to receive the compensation you deserve.

1) Seek Immediate Medical Attention

A collision with an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer can be devastating. If you survive the accident without obvious injuries, you might be tempted to just count your lucky stars, exchange insurance information with the other driver, give a brief account to the police, and leave the scene. Do not do this.

Being in a state of shock can mask the signs of serious injury. It may be days or weeks before the full nature and extent of your injuries manifest. Neck and other spinal injuries, for example, gradually worsen after trauma and are not always immediately apparent. Thus, even if the EMTs on the scene clear you and there are no visible or obvious signs of injury, you should still consult with a medical doctor as soon as possible. A timely thorough medical evaluation, which typically includes diagnostic testing, will detect underlying injuries and allow for earlier treatment and a better outcome. Also, early examination can help establish a causal connection to the accident instead of a pre-existing condition. These medical records are pivotal if you plan to pursue a claim or lawsuit for the injuries you sustain.

2) Record the Details of the Accident

When speaking to the police, you may feel anxious or have difficulty speaking. Take a deep breath and provide the basic sequence of events that led to the accident and any other details you can recall. But, understand that you can supplement your statement to the police at a later point after your injuries have been addressed. 

3) Gather Your Own Evidence

While a police report is valuable if you intend to pursue a claim or lawsuit, it is also important to gather evidence before leaving the scene. As long as you are physically capable of doing so safely, take photos and videos of the accident scene and the vehicles involved. If you have visible injuries, it is important to document them and photographic evidence is sometimes the best way to do that.

4) Sign the Settlement Offer With an Attorney

In most cases involving trucks, the trucking company’s insurance provider will contact you for a statement after a claim has been filed. If your claim is accepted, they will provide you with a settlement offer. The offer will have instructions clearly telling you to sign and return it as soon as possible. What the insurance company's instructions do not make clear is that by accepting the settlement, you are precluded from pursuing any further compensation. Therefore, do not agree to that settlement offer until you have had it reviewed by an experienced personal injury attorney at Antonucci Law to ensure it is a reasonable amount for the damages you have sustained or will sustain in the future as a result of the accident as well as any losses you have experienced.

At Antonucci law, we know what it is like to be injured through no fault of your own, and we want to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. If you have been in a truck accident, make sure to contact our office immediately so we can review your options with you and help guide you through the claims process to ensure you avoid the insurance carriers' tactics to deny, diminish, and delay your payments. Get the care and compensation you deserve. Contact us today.

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