Understanding the Process of a Slip and Fall Injury Claim

  • June 15, 2021

Serious slip and fall accidents can often be avoided when equipment and facilities are properly maintained or repaired. Imagine walking down the stairs in an office building and grabbing a loose handrail for balance. Without a stable railing to hold onto, you fall down the remaining stairs and break your hip as well as hit your head. Such incidents are the result of a failure to exercise reasonable quality of care on the part of the property manager or owner. If you have recently fallen due to such negligence, here is what you can expect during your slip and fall injury claim process.

The Parties Involved

Before anything else, let’s get to know the parties associated with a lawsuit. Normally, there are four people involved in a personal injury claim:

  1. The liable - the one who contributed to the accident.
  2. The plaintiff - the injured party
  3. The liable’s insurance company - the one accountable for covering the damages.
  4. The plaintiff’s lawyer - the injured party's representative.

Determining Negligence & Liability

Now that you’ve finally decided to fight for your rights, you might be wondering, how do you establish negligence and liability on the other party? Take a look at the statements below. For you to prove the other person’s accountability, the following must be confirmed by the victim:

  • The property owner or the representative recognized the hazard risks of the area but failed to take proper action to prevent mishaps.
  • The property owner or the representative contributed to the dangerous situation and failed to correct the perils in the area. 

All property owners are expected to assume a sense of responsibility in keeping their grounds safe and free from potential danger. In a company setting, organizations must follow safety precautions and procedures should accidents arise. 

As a natural response, the liable party will refer to the plaintiff as partly accountable for the accident. Whenever proven as valid, this will ultimately affect the ability to claim compensation. To check whether the plaintiff could be held liable for the incident, the following questions should be pondered:

  • Is the plaintiff negligent in determining the pending hazard?
  • Is the plaintiff legally allowed to be in the area of the incident?
  • Did the plaintiff ignore the presence of warning signage and failed to undertake safety measures?

Due to the complexity of the situation involved, hiring a dedicated and empathic Certified Civil Trial Attorney will be your best bet. With over 26 years of experience handling personal injury cases, our team at Antonucci Law will be ready to give you the best outcome.

Common Types of Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and falls may happen in various scenarios. The ones listed below are the commonly reported slip and fall cases:

  • Slippery floors
  • Unsteady or uneven surfaces
  • Leaks or spills
  • Holes
  • Poor lighting
  • Tripping hazards

How Compensation Works

The physical injuries and emotional trauma incurred during an accident will affect your overall health. It also has the potential to influence your future condition. All these are due for compensation once you have successfully established the other party’s liability for the damages you have sustained. 

The possibility of getting a poor settlement is also imminent unless you get yourself a highly experienced and reliable lawyer who understands the struggle of being in a difficult situation and fights for a case like his own. Do not take chances when it comes to settling legal challenges, explore your options and be guided. Obtain the best personal injury lawyer for your claim.

What to do After a Slip and Fall Accident

  • Seek immediate treatment. 

    Health is always a priority. So before anything else, see to it that you have consulted a physician. The doctor will check your health status, document the findings (which will be helpful for your case), and recommend further treatment whenever needed.

  • Report the situation.

    Give an accident report to the person in charge so they may be aware of the incident. If another personnel was assigned to do the report, secure a copy.

  • Document and safe-keep your records.

    Take pictures of where the accident happened, including images of bodily injuries. If you were treated as an out-patient or admitted to a hospital, collect all your medical bills with corresponding receipts. 

  • Preserve any form of evidence.

    The clothes and accessories you wore during the time of the accident should be kept in a storage bag as this will serve as evidence. Make sure that these will be left unwashed and untouched.

  • Avoid sharing statements and comments with anyone.

    Avoid sharing information with other people until you have consulted a lawyer. This includes social media as this can be used against you. 

What You Should NOT Do

  • Failing to seek legal support.

    We understand how troublesome things can get when facing legal trials. The cost of hiring a lawyer often prevents the victim to seek proper assistance, leading to poor compensation—or worse, failed claims. 

    Here at Antonucci Law, we’ll gladly listen to your situation through a risk-free consultation. Give yourself the chance to get the best settlement for your case. Talk to our compassionate and expert lawyers and know how you can file your case without having to undergo a financial burden. 

  • Disclosing sensitive information to insurance companies.

    Some people trust insurance companies thinking that their purpose is to provide financial support and security to the victims. Although partly true, this isn’t mostly the case. 

    If the insurance requests for a copy of your statement, do not give them the advantage by sharing the financial information with them. The document can be used as evidence proving that you don’t deserve full compensation. 

Hire the Best Representative

Stacey Antonucci, a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, and Dennis Baptista, a Certified Workers Compensation Law Attorney have served the needs of the community and those sustaining injury either as a result of the negligence of others or in the workplace, for over 26 years. Our team offers the experience, knowledge, compassion, and support you need to receive your full compensation and avoid costly missteps.

We are dedicated to superior client communication and ensuring that each client receives maximum compensation for the medical costs and wage loss they have sustained. Give our office a call at (908) 747-4477 or schedule your in-person or virtual consultation to learn your options today. 

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